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My name is A.R.Johnson ; I am one of the founding partners of First Family Films a Christian film company, located in California. First Family Films was started for the sole purpose of producing quality Christian properties designed with the Christian family in mind. For the last 15 years, I have worked as a Music Executive in the secular world, with 4 Grammy nominations and about 25 million career records sold.  I guess you could say that music is my passion. But God is my life!

While attending a church service at Crenshaw Christian Center in Los Angeles, CA, God blessed me with a vision to produce a documentary film on Women In Ministry.  During that time, I had no idea on how to begin such an enormous task in the Christian community.  However, God had a plan.  God directed me to meet Jennifer Sparger of Vision Gospel Inc.  She caught on to the vision, partnered with me and together we embarked on the task of carrying it out.

The documentary film is entitled “Every Soldier Counts,” and it is a powerful documentary film that journeys in depth into the world of Women In Ministry, with a key focus on Women Pastors & Elders.  Our mission is to encourage and edify Women In Ministry to go forth and speak the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world without fear of condemnation. Should women keep silent in the church? Can women lead the church? This has been an ongoing debate for centuries. This documentary takes you face to face with today’s most powerful women of the cloth to discuss these issues through heartfelt testimonies. If God could use a rod, an ass, a ram's horn, an ox, nail, pitchers of water, jawbone, a millstone, and a raven, to name a few, who says he can not use a woman?  It is important that we study history and the Word of God in order to know the truth, as the scripture says, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge", (Hosea 4:6). 

Finally I must confess, the last year has been rough, as I have been using my personal savings to finance this project.  I have now made the decision to ask for the help of my Christian Brothers & Sisters in order to finish this project.  Too many Christian film projects run into financial obstacles during production and end up folding. It is no secret that Hollywood has no interest in projects that speak on salvation. The secular world of Hollywood supports it own; I believe that the Christian community should generously support Christian films.  I know this may sound fanatical, but, I sat in church last Christmas and I heard God clearly tell me to put this project in the hands of His people.  At that time, I did not quite know what he meant, but I do now. Over the last several months, I've spent endless hours writing sponsorship letters to large corporations and nothing has materialized.  Someone defined insane to me as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result!  So, I cried out for God’s direction and He answered.  Attached you will find a copy of a customized tee shirt, in which He gave me the idea for petitioning sponsorship. 

  1. A contribution of $20: entitles you to name credit on the official website and a collector’s item T-Shirt, (shipping included.) 
  2. A contribution of $100: entitles the giver to name credit on the official website and 4 collectors item T-Shirts, and a copy of the DVD (shipping included).
  3. A contribution of $500: entitles the giver to a film credit on the actual DVD, 10 copies of the DVD and name credit on the official website and 10 collectors item T-Shirts, with shipping included.
  4. A contribution of $1000: exalts the giver to title of, “Angel”, in the film credits on the actual DVD, 20 copies of the DVD and name credit on the official website and 20 collectors item T-Shirts, with shipping included.

Please pray and choose the contribution that is best for you or your organization. With your help, this project will reach the world! The sky is the limit! All contributions and support will be greatly appreciated. To obtain additional information on: placing your order, sponsorship contributions or to view our trailer for this powerful documentary, please visit our website @: www.supportourchristianfilm.com. To speak with us directly please contact:  Jennifer Sparger at (678) 227-1085 or A.R.Johnson at (404) 569-3722. Our email address is: info@firsfamilyfilms.com

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