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Our Mission Statement

The mission of this film is to go beyond the veil of deception; beyond abuse masked as love and laced with scripture. From the church pew to the broader community, it will expose the lies, shatter the silence and break the chains of those bound by domestic violence. Through real images and real stories, whether you're in an abusive situation or not, it will inspire you to reach for the abundant life God truly wants you to have. Through the testimonies, we want to expose the destructive affects domestic violence is having in the church, inform the body of Christ and others about the growing epidemic of spousal/companion abuse, to identify different types of abuse, the patterns and the devastating affects. We hope to bring healing through the infallible Word of God to those who are, and have been victims.

This documentary prayerfully will bring a balance to Ephesians Chapter 5 and provide avenues for pastors, ministers and counselors who are willing to address the issue of domestic abuse. We want to explore what God’s interpretation of submission really means and how we can apply that in godly relationships. We want to make a lasting impact on the abusers, sending the message…NO MORE!!!

This DVD is dedicated to my mother Shirley Johnson for having the courage to sacrifice her safety and well being so that my brother, sister and I could have food and shelter. Mom I pledge to you that your sacrifices will not be in vain, but implement change in the hearts of many that echo your past.

Love You ! 



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